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Episodes 1 - 20

Episode 1

The Colcloughs get together for Mark’s 18th birthday bash. His dad, Ray, insists on going to work… But should he have stayed at home?

Episode 2

The consequences of Ray’s accident start to sink in. Will he ever walk again? The family search for answers when they pay him a visit.

Episode 3

As Reenie struggles to steady things – with Ray in hospital – Wendy’s on the warpath at her supermarket job. But it’s not just her boss in the firing-line… So’s the sliced bread!!

Episode 4

Wendy explores a new line of work in a different type of outfit ! But Reenie hits the roof when she learns she’s left the supermarket…

Episode 5

Leavin’ a new job after only two hours may be a record – even for Wendy! But could she be enticed back? Added to that, Reenie also has work issues. She and Dr Redmond just don’t see eye to eye

Episode 6

Bryn spots an opportunity. Wendy finds herself in a compromising position… And Connie comes to the rescue!

Episode 7

Mark returns from his Spanish holiday to find that life at Jubilee terrace may never be the same again. Wendy has her eyes on a man with a Porsche… And why is Cheryl acting suspiciously?

Episode 8

Social services call on Reenie, Mark and Wendy fight over the bathroom – and Ray’s tablets mysteriously go missing from his bedside cabinet. Who could have had them?

Episode 9

Bernard calls on Mark to find he’s not alone. Wendy gets a proposition .. And the family re-arrange the furniture for Ray’s imminent return ( from hospital ).

Episode 10

Ray, who’s now back from hospital, has more visitors than he can cope with. Connie, concerned for Cheryl, pays her an unexpected visit and Reenie tackles Mark over housekeeping money.

Episode 11

Reenie has to work, leaving Ray home alone in his wheelchair. But his peace is shattered when Connie arrives, with an army of helpers, to re-arrange the furniture. Uncle Bill has a bright idea – and the day ends disastrously!

Episode 12

Ray reaches breaking point – but insists Reenie has a night out with Cheryl and Connie. Some mates arrive to keep Ray company .. and the booze flows … !

Episode 13

A week’s passed since Ray’s disastrous booze-up. Bryn feels guilty but insists it wasn’t his fault Ray drank too much. Wendy bumps into Sybil, whose come into money… Could a holiday be on the horizon?

Episode 14

Wendy and Sybil sneak off to Spain where they meet a couple of odd-looking Germans. Back home, Reenie’s hired a workman to adapt the house for Ray… And Bryn’s green with envy when he flirts with her!

Episode 15

Wendy and Sybil return from Spain to sign on… Bryn and Ray have a much needed talk – and there’s a revelation for Reenie at the surgery,

Episode 16

Nev’s concerned for Cheryl’s unborn baby, Ray’s in reflective mood and Wendy has itchy feet!

Episode 17

Cheryl’s baby’s kicking like a kangaroo. Wendy and Mark do some soul-searching – and Ray urges Bryn to give Reenie a night out.

Episode 18

Reenie tells Dr Redmond to stick his job… Expectant Cheryl confronts the UNEXPECTED… and there are dramatic scenes at the surgery…

Episode 19

Reenie and Connie head for the baby unit, Cheryl refuses to have her new-born baptised and a distressed Nev tells Ray why the outlook is bleak for baby Charlotte…

Episode 20

In a dramatic episode, which some listeners may find upsetting, baby Charlotte is finally baptised and, on the lighter side, Ray has difficulty shopping for trousers!

Episodes 21 - 40

Episode 21

The family gather for baby Charlotte’s funeral – where recriminations flow! Nev has some positive news… and the family pledge to make a fresh start!

Episode 22

Reenie finally admits to losing her job… Staff at the clinic start to feel the pressure .. And Connie decides it’s about time she stuck her oar in – again!!

Episode 23

Wendy decides to move in with Mark and Philip, till she’s found somewhere permanent…Philip tells Connie he’s gay – and Connie heads off to see Ray with a juicy bit of gossip!

Episode 24

There’s a rude awakening for Mark and Philip, Bernard tries to give Mark some timely advice and Ray’s had better days…

Episode 25

The ColcloughsReenie’s away for a job interview, Ray sees a physiotherapist… And Wendy gets her marching orders – twice!

Episode 26

Reenie starts her new Job… Wendy does a spot of baby-sitting… While Ray’s still agonising over his son’s decision to ‘come out’

Episode 27

Reenie has one or two health and safety concerns, Ray tries to track down Mark’s boyfriend – Bernard, and Peter and Sybil are back together again

Episode 28

Wendy’s alarmed when she overhears a private telephone conversation … Sybil’s boyfriend decides to leave town… AND… Reenie bears her soul to Bryn!!

Episode 29

Wendy leaves town, Bryn gets a bit too cosy with Reenie and… Connie smells a rat!

Episode 30

Uncle Bill’s getting a bit friendly advice – whether he likes it … Or not!

Episode 31

Mark’s press-ganged into finishing Uncle Bill’s draft excluders, Sybil’s on the horns of a romantic dilemma – but ends up fancying a fella in a photo!

Episode 32

Sybil gets a lecture from her boyfriend, Wendy returns from showing off some bodywork… and Nev gets the letter he’s been dreading!

Episode 33

Wendy and Sybil set their sights on the big time! Nev has his day in court… And there’s an unexpected outburst from Cheryl!

Episode 34

An imposter visits Cheryl… Peter and Sybil go for counselling… and someone’s throwing a party!

Episode 35

Blodwen and Stewie arrive from Down Under… and Connie locks horns with Nurse Collins

Episode 36 & 37

Now, in a one-off special, there’s a double helping of our soap. It’s Christmas in Brindley Bank, and Wendy and Sybil are hoping to pull more than just one cracker in this festive episode, which contains some strong language

Episode 38

Reenie and Ray are seeing in the New Year at Jubilee Terrace

Episode 39

Nev looks for voluntary work, Ray gets the perfect present… and Wendy and Cheryl are bothered by a bully!

Episode 40

Hooligan Terry Farmer continues to harass Wendy and Cheryl… Nev’s overdue from his meeting… And Reenie can’t understand why Wendy’s late for her date…

Episodes 41 - 60

Episode 41

Ray’s left holding the baby while Reenie has breakfast with Bryn… Stewie visits Lowmoor with Nev – and hooligan Tez Farmer goes missing with lighter fuel and a can of spray paint!

Episode 42

Tension grows between Ray and Bryn over Reenie… Stewie has a bright idea for Lowmoor Community Centre… And Ray has a suggestion for Reenie!

Episode 43

Bryn’s in a low mood as Stewie and Blodwen prepare to fly back to Australia…. Feeling down, he drops a clanger with Reenie… And Tez gets a bit touchy over Dawn.

Episode 44

Bryn’s back from hospital after a scare with his heart. Under pressure again, Cheryl caves in to temptation… and Mark, who’s late for a meeting with Bernard, learns a few home truths!

Episode 45

Reenie gives Bryn some timely advice. Mark feels the pinch now his lodger’s left him for London… And Bernard, who paid the deposit on Mark’s home, isn’t impressed to learn his dad’s been playing detective…

Episode 46

Mark needs a bed for the night… Reenie urges Bryn to look after his heart ( in more ways than one ).. and there’s a revelation for Ray when he gets home from the pub…

Episode 47

Mark wakes up to the harsh realities of homelessness. Bernard’s concerned he can’t find him anywhere, and… Could tearaway Tez have landed an honest job at last?

Episode 48

Wendy’s apprentice starts work on the stall… Mark, who’s still drifting, sinks deeper into the mire… And Bernard gets the third degree at work

Episode 49

Homeless Mark accepts Bernard’s offer of a place to stay – though the tragedy of street life returns to haunt him !! – and Wendy decides to diversify… into saucy underwear!

Episode 50

Good news for Ray, who gets some compensation at last! Mark and his dad appear to settle their differences… And Reenie and Bryn get too close for comfort…

Episode 51

When Connie and Elaine compete for the same cleaning job, Mark turns his hand to a spot of gardening.. And romance reaches fever pitch when Bryn asks Reenie to leave Ray and move in with him!

Episode 52

There’s only one question on everyone’s lips: will she or won’t she? Will Reenie Colclough leave her husband Ray for the bloke next door? Time to find out in The Colcloughs…

Episode 53

it’s a week since Bryn Davies died of a heart attack, leaving Reenie bereft. Now, at his funeral, she has to face the husband she was going to leave… Elsewhere, Dawn Steele’s struggling to cope with her alcoholic mother, Elaine.

Episode 54

Blodwen and Stewie start to clear Bryn’s house. Dawn’s alcoholic mother, Elaine, discovers her daughter’s been skipping lessons. And after her fling with Bryn, will Reenie and Ray ever be able to patch things up again?

Episode 55

Alcoholic mum Elaine Steele embarrasses her daughter. Reenie continues to mourn Bryn. And Stewie and Blodwen return to Australia.

Episode 56

Sybil’s worried about her boyfriend – who now finds himself in hospital… Nev’s concerned that Cheryl’s started smoking again… And is Tez Farmer pocketing the takings from Wendy and Sybil’s market stall?

Episode 57

Tearaway Terry ‘Tez’ Farmer shows that while he can’t be trusted with money, he does at least demonstrate an artistic streak! Sybil brings Wendy up to date with her love life… And Nev’s fuming over a cigarette advert!

Episode 58

Tez Farmer blotches his copybook again! Connie’s reunited with her mop and bucket at Lowmoor Clinic. And opportunity knocks for Sybil Hargreaves who takes to the stage at The Jolly Potters for a crack at Karaoke!!

Episode 59

A smoke alarm prevents potential disaster, Connie helps Dawn’s mother, Elaine, land a cleaning job. And Mark, who’s striving for independence again, gets an offer he should have – almost certainly refused!!

Episode 60

After a somewhat dodgy deal, Mark gets his house back again. Elaine Steele, who’s hit the bottle, fails to turn up for her cleaning job… prompting her teenage daughter to seek advice from Doctor Redmond.

Episodes 61 - 80

Episode 61

Bernard discovers Mark’s bought his house back. Confused Elaine gets hold of the wrong end of the mop, so to speak! And at Six Towns Building Society sparks fly over the dodgy house auction.

Episode 62

Connie urges Ray to take Reenie on holiday… Mark’s in a muddle with his mortgage again… And the landlord at The Jolly Potters still can’t find a reliable cleaner

Episode 63

Elaine Steele sees the doctor over her drinking problem. Mark has pound signs in his eyes again… And Connie lands the cleaning job at The Jolly Potters…

Episode 64

When Ray refuses to let Connie rain on his parade… Elaine visits the alcohol advisory service… And Mark considers extending his property portfolio…

Episode 65

Connie and Elaine plan a trip to Spain, Nev tries to organise a holiday to Wales for the ‘hoodies’ from Lowmoor… and Cheryl decides it’s time she looked for a proper job!

Episode 66

Nev shows concern for Damien. Cheryl’s job at Brindley Pots goes up the spout! And is Elaine getting cold feet over her trip to the sun with Connie?

Episode 67

In The Colcloughs tonight, Mark’s property empire grows. Cheryl’s counting the hours since she last had a cigarette. And after an uncertain start, Connie and Elaine jet off for some Spanish sun!

Episode 68

Reenie and Ray are sunning themselves in Majorca, blissfully unaware that Connie and her friend are staying at a hotel just around the corner… It’s The Colcloughs, in Spain!

Episode 69

Reenie is back at work after her Spanish holiday. Connie and Elaine return to a power cut. And sparks fly at Brindley Pots when the faulty electric stapler goes crazy.

Episode 70

The latest episode in the lives of The Colcloughs. Ray – alias,Ralph – meets up again with Elaine – alias, Estelle! Recriminations flow over the stapler incident at Brindley Pots. And Mark’s dodgy dealings set tongues wagging in The Jolly Potters!

Episode 71

Elaine still has the hots for Ray! Mark signs for ANOTHER house… And Reenie’s spooked by the ghostly sounds coming from next door!!

Episode 72

Connie suspects Ray’s up to no good and takes Reenie aside. Ray takes Elaine to a country pub for a heart to heart – but what’s his motive ? And Mark’s set his sights on a new family business – COLCLOUGH & SON!

Episode 73

It looks as though Ray’s being forced into redundancy.. Mark’s new house is falling apart… And Elaine decides that sobering up may help her love life!

Episode 74

In our soap, The Colcloughs, tonight – Bernard decides to ‘come clean’ over his double life. Reenie finally tackles Elaine about Ray … Only after Nev leaves her holding the baby again!

Episode 75

Alcoholic Elaine gets support in her battle with the bottle… And Bernard gives Sue Pritchard her marching orders – if only life was that simple!

Episode 76

Nev helps Mark sort a mountain of work at his crumbling new house. Reenie pays Elaine another visit to find out exactly what went on with Ray. And has Bernard finally patched things up with his wife and kids?

Episode 77

Nev tries to help a squatter and Wendy has her eye on a little lock-up shop to replace the market stall. Could this be the reason she’s keen to save money and move back home?

Episode 78

Reenie pricks Mark’s conscience over his dodgy property dealings. Wendy worms her way back to Jubilee Terrace. And there’s a commotion in the house next door that used to be Bryn’s home.

Episode 79

Nev, who’s suffering from anxiety and depression, talks things over with Doctor Redmond. Mark tells Gavin Stead exactly what he thinks of his unscrupulous profiteering and Reenie fascinates Ray with a piece of intriguing gossip!

Episode 80

Ray teams up with Jed Cartlidge, a fly-by-night electrician, to sort the wiring at Brindley Pots. Jed – a womaniser – starts flirting with Cheryl. Meanwhile her other half, Nev, appears to have the woes of the world in his shoulders!

Episodes 81 - 91

Episode 81

Randy Jed is still pushing his luck with women and work at Brindley Pots. Doctor Redmond pays Nev an unexpected visit, and could Cheryl be off to sunnier climes?

Episode 82

Can Jed Cartlidge persuade Cheryl to leave Stoke and go abroad with him? Alcoholic Elaine gets a job at The Jolly Potters and Nev offers a bed to a man down on his luck.

Episode 83

Cheryl’s not enamoured with the prospects of a lodger. Elaine starts work at The Jolly Potters, and little Nevvy gives everyone a shock.


Episode 84

Lodger Lou Darlington tries to heal the growing rift between Nev and Cheryl. Healthy eating finally reaches the menu at The Jolly Potters, and Elaine has a confession for landlord Wilf!

Episode 85

Lou gives Wendy a hand on the market stall before heading south. Nev’s down in the dumps as Cheryl plans a future alone… And Wilf finds Elaine a little worse for wear!

Episode 86

Smooth-talking Des Mitchell steers Wendy Colclough into the hands of scheming Sue Pritchard. Is Elaine Steele making landlord Wilf Rushton jealous? And… Who’s behind the rave club opposite Wendy’s proposed new premises?

Episode 87

Are Des Mitchell and Sue Pritchard about to stitch up Wendy Colclough good and proper? Will Nurse Collins survive another day at Lowmoor Clinic? And is the landlord at The Jolly Potters about to get more than he bargained for?

Episode 88

Wendy picks up the pieces after the break-in at her lock-up shop. Added to that, her stolen stock ends up at The Jolly Potters where appearances prove to be deceptive … And Sue Pritchard gets her come-uppance as Wendy finally makes her feelings known!

Episode 89

Wendy is breathalysed on the way to work. Christmas is coming and Cheryl’s missing Nev. And Reenie’s on the horns of a dilemma as the clinic want her back again.

Episode 90

Cheryl’s out of sorts after a lonely Christmas… But what is it she’s not letting on about? And Mark helps Wendy put some bounce back in her business…

Episode 91

Reenie’s counting the days as she prepares to leave Brindley Pots……. so is Cheryl, though few people realise! Connie, cold-shouldered again, suggests working for Wendy